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emcee of k.o.g & the zongo brigade

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Franz Von - Power Be You (Official Video)

Franz Von - Power Be You (Official Video)

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'Escapism' is a six track Hip Hop EP collaboration with session musician Philippe Clegg (Ray BLK, Kwabs, former Zongo Brigade member).

The EP is Philippe's debut production release delivering a blend of old-school and contemporary Hip Hop, R&B and tasteful electronica beats. 'Escapism' also features production from David Nicholas (former Zongo Brigade musician).

Guest vocal features include; House music singer/songwriter Steve Edwards, Soul singer/songwriter Danae Wellington and Reggae artist Tixxy Bang. The EP was mixed and mastered by Martin Gregory Smith at Mu Studios in Sheffield.

In early 2018 Franz passive artist released

his EP 'Escapism'.  A hard hitting Hip-hop project which he

now brings to life in a live setting by splicing it with

jazz and afro dancehall rhythms.


Recorded and mixed at Harehills Avenue in Leeds UK

by Jack Davis.  Musicians on this 3 track project include

members of Franz Von's live band,

K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade, Tete de Pois and Mansion of snakes.


My Latest Music

Onipa unveils “Chicken No Dey Fly,” the first single from the new album Tapes of Utopia. This track explores Afrobeat, while denouncing the greed of those in power. We also hear the drums of Tony Allen, but also the hip-hop artist Franz Von.

Mark Stoney describes the concept of the track as...

"In essence it's about unity in movements and evolution and uprising. How a swarm of bees for example move as one frenzied body, progress onto the next instinctively, each individual denizen of the swarm has a part to play, orchestrated by a higher power to be more than the sum of it's parts to evolve.

franz von swarm

Produced & Mixed by Danny Reisch / Mark Stoney

Lyrics by Mark Stoney / Franz Von

Music by Mark Stoney/R.Walt Vincent

Incredible Energy Vibes is the first single release from Paris based Balaphonics from their album titled SPICY BOOM BOOM. Signed by the record label VLAD PRODUCTIONS


The album is due for digital release on 30th April 2021 with CD and Vinyl releases on the 28th May 2021.


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