Franz Von 'Escapism' with jazz fueled band



ESCAPISM LIVE at Harehills Avenue

In early 2018 Franz released his EP 'Escapism'. A hard hitting Hip-hop project which he now brings to life in a live setting by splicing it with jazz and afro dancehall rhythms. Recorded and mixed at Harehills Avenue in Leeds UK by Jack Davis. Musicians on this 3 track project include members of Franz Von's live band, K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade, Tete de Pois and Mansion of snakes.




Jack Davis - trumpet // Matias Reed - guitar // Owen Burns - bass // Azizi Cole - drums // Franz Von - vocals Escapism live at Harehills Avenue is available now on bandcamp

Written by Franz Von

Recorded and mixed by Jack Davis

website -

instagram -

Original production by Philippe Clegg

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instagram - EP cover photograph by @emledportraits


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