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SWARM - Mark Stoney & Franz Von connect

After meeting Mark Stoney back in 2018 at one of my live band hip hop gigs in Sheffield, we chatted about linking up for a jam and working on some new music.

Although I love collaborating with artist from different musical genres and I'd heard of Mark's reputation as an incredible singer songwriter

I wasn't quite sure what to expect or how we would merge our different artistic styles.

A couple of weeks after the meeting I received this beautifully haunting piece of music from Mark, a kind of 3/4 piano waltz with a sinister undertone which included some seriously stunning vocals and lyrical content.

I was immediately drawn in. I loved the idea and I wanted to add something, something emotive, a message we can all relate to.

Mark Stoney describes the concept of the track as...

"In essence it's about unity in movements and evolution and uprising. How a swarm of bees for example move as one frenzied body, progress onto the next instinctively, each individual denizen of the swarm has a part to play, orchestrated by a higher power to be more than the sum of it's parts to evolve.

It also has a slightly sinister undercurrent of dissent to it. I was initially inspired by watching protests in the US a couple of years back, from a high rise in downtown LA and saw the swarms of people gather and unite in reaction to injustice"

Check out the full video...directed by Oscar Downing and features dancer Max Revell


If you like this then keep an eye and ear out for more Franz Von Mark Stoney collaborations. Mark has done some incredible production work and vocal features on my upcoming EP.

I can't wait to share it with you all.

Artwork by Emma Ledwith Portraits

Mark Stoney


Preview clip 1


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Full Lyrics:

Mark Stoney

Slip the skin, be reborn and begin again Shift the shape and reform from within and then Pull me present, to fall together, Ascend to evolve with souls of a feather A rush of the blood in the life-force, Drum up the wings of a storm A hum at the heart of the hive of particles starting to form Into a swarm. Into a swarm Chaos to Cadence, who fathered the exodus? Sent the messenger into the element? To the Zenith, then up to the heavens, Gathered together to scatter.. I am a cell in the life-blood Riding the winds of a storm One with the hum of the hive of Particles starting to form Into a swarm Arising serpentine, To answer the charmer at play, Draw me into the light of the rays. Instinct command me, And I will obey .

I am a cell in the life-blood Riding the winds of a storm One with the hum of the hive of Particles starting to form Into a swarm Cadence I'm yours.


Franz Von

Heard the hum Sound frequency, summoning Sound the drums, woke suddenly, Stood steadily ready to follow the call Boost of energy Use the melody Move the energy on, Truth propelling it, Telling it intelligent till we all one, born again benevolent, God particle element, Lived, loved, lost and buried em Death ferried em across, Lost many men, women, children remember them Rebelling for a cause Trying to better every step of the very steps that we take Better step to the pace Ever ready for whatever destiny waits when you're ready better bring your best to the plate, No regrets, progress Ace the test, make the best of your days Focus. Let's keep hope as they're testing our faith no rest in this race know this, Move forward justice for all so thoughts cathartic, resolve it, reform quick, All evolve Many form as one is what the swarm is.

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